Meet Charles E. Davis

Hello, I’m Charles Davis and I’m running for U.S. Congress for (District 6) FLORIDA: Geographically this includes Flagler, Volusia and portions of St. Johns’ & Lake Counties.

My Reasons:

  2. WE The People Hire our Government Representatives, who work for US. The Purpose and Importance of Every Election is to Hire or Terminate. If Elected Representatives are not working for us, WE must hold these Representatives accountable and terminate them, by voting in new Representatives, expecting favorable changes to benefit us.
  3. I strongly support our U.S. Constitution, written to protect our rights:  You and I are “We the People.”


Born in 1961, I grew up with my Mother and Grandparents, who taught me solid American Values: Honesty, practice Kindness in life, Work to earn things you desire.  At age 13, taking on my Newspaper Route, the American dream of success was born and alive inside me: free enterprise, the American way!

As an adult, I successfully worked in the Mortgage Industry. Later, I teamed up with several Mortgage Bankers and together we formed a Mortgage company. I worked as Vice- President, then President, and finally, Chief Financial Officer and C.E.O. We expanded with multiple branch offices.

My success was achieved by helping people buy their homes with lower mortgage rates, that they could afford. At Age 26, I was the youngest Member ever admitted to the Mortgage Bankers Association, Washington, D.C. Our offices had done over $500 Million in home loans…all by helping people! My motto has always been “if you help enough people get what they want, you will automatically get what you want.” In the business world, my successes have always related to helping people get what they need and would like to have.

I’m now a full-time Floridian, for 15 years, and I have worked with Cities, Counties and State governments in resolving various Environmental and development issues.

Several Topics about which I’m passionate, that affect your communities:

  1. District 6 is a Great place to live. We want well run communities, to keep this a Great place to live!
  2. A Strong Military, is critically important to secure our Country, ensuring our Freedoms and protecting us from hostile invasions. Many members of my family and of your families have served our country in our Military. My grandfather fought in the Pacific in WW2. My brother is Retired Naval Officer (Desert Storm/Desert Shield). My Step-Dad is retired Air Force Officer (Vietnam/Desert Storm).
  3. Support our Community Servants, both paid and volunteer. First Responders and Fire & Law Enforcement Agencies are necessary to continue keeping our communities great.

The citizens of Florida 6th congressional district deserve and desperately need a leader. A Leader, who is not afraid to boldly proclaim easily discernible truth on any subject.  A Leader who will take timely action!

VOTE for Charles E Davis as Your U.S. Representative for District 6, Florida.

We the people can do it together.

I’m Charles Davis and I appreciate your vote for U.S. Congress!

Charles E. Davis is the full time resident Florida Candidate, who cares and will listen to your concerns and needs, and will take action on your behalf in Congress. Please share your thoughts and concerns with me. Let me go to work for you! Contact me via the form below.

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