A Leader, who is not afraid to boldly proclaim the truth on any subject

Hello… I’m Charles E. Davis and I’m running for U.S. Congress for District 6 FLORIDA: Geographically this includes Flagler, Volusia and portions of Marion, St. Johns’, Lake & Putnam Counties.
The citizens of Florida 6th congressional district deserve and desperately need a leader. A Leader, who is not afraid to boldly proclaim the truth on any subject. A Leader who will take timely action!

Charles E Davis Republican Running for Florida's 6th Congressional District

Charles E Davis is a Diversified Financial Businessman.

He has worked in Venture Capital, Mortgage Banking, and Forex World Currencies throughout the financial world.

Charles is also experienced in several other different financial Instruments with the SEC, FTC, Notes, and Deeds of Trust.

Florida’s 6th District spans just south of the city of St. Augustine to Daytona Beach and west to the outskirts of Ocala. This district has been vastly unserved in Washington DC and needs a congressional change now.

Michael Waltz is never in the district and doesn’t talk to the people who live, eat, drink the water, and swim in the beautiful beaches of the district. Never. Plus, the current congressman has developed some sketchy financial dealings with US foreign policy including selling his government contracting company nine months before the fall of Afghanistan, August 15, 2021.

Waltz lives in Arlington, Virginia with his wife and baby born earlier in 2022. He hasn’t been seen in the district for most of 2022. He is the ultimate “NO-SHOW”, especially for the hundreds of thousands of seniors who dominate the district.

His “No Show” Florida philosophy has been a dominant theme throughout his tenure in congress. Waltz is all about himself and the “military arsenal congressional defense” in Ukraine, China, Taiwan, and Iran that he surrounds himself in daily work in Arlington, Virginia, and the halls of congress and Capitol Hill. Foreign policy work that is not directed at the concerns of the district but government contracting work that enriches himself and his friends.

The district needs a change with a leader, builder, and business innovator.

Davis vows to live, eat and work in the district. His leadership style and efforts to make the district a better place. He’s all about the people. From Crescent City to Ormond Beach, he’ll address the crucial daily items of life that affect the people of the 6th district. He is laser focused on bringing successful programs and efforts to the district. He will not be a “No-Show” Michael Waltz.

Florida’s 6th district needs a spirited can-do builder who will fight for those who need a “VOICE” in congress.

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